Do college students use sex toys a lot ?

It is normal for college students to use sex toys.

As a junior player of sex toys, you often get confused when choosing sex toys, so you can collect the following criteria for choosing toys:

1. Appearance
Nowadays, a large part of toys have been upgraded in appearance. The products are starting from a female perspective, and are no longer as scorching as before, but rather cute and cute. But I can't patronize it to see the value of the face! You have to check whether the workmanship is fine, whether there are burrs and impurities, these can not be ignored. In addition, some plug-in toys need to be optimistic about its size, and some girls have tight vaginas, so don’t choose larger toys. If they are big and small, they will inevitably be cautious and cannot be presumptuous. Toys that are not suitable for the body type. Will cause damage to the vagina.

2. Smell
For sex toys abroad, there are EU or American sex toy monitoring standards, so the selection of toy materials and workmanship of foreign brands must meet the standards. However, domestic production standards for sex toys are relatively incomplete. If you are really unsure, the most stupid way is to smell the materials. Good materials (such as medical silicone) have almost no taste, and bad materials can smell the obvious industrial glue. If you can't tell the difference, choose a big brand toy. The choice of raw materials is good, and the quality is guaranteed. If you already have toys of uncertain material, it is recommended to put on TT when you use it, which is the safest and most hygienic.

3. Sound
It is necessary to choose a super quiet toy! The roar of the motor in the dead of night not only affects the girls’ sexual fantasies and inability to concentrate, but also makes girls worry about being discovered and embarrassed, making them even more frightened to use. Generally speaking, toys with loud noises, if used for a long time, the motor will heat up, which may affect later use. Generally, the better the quality of the toy, the sound will be kept to a minimum.

4. Charging and battery
It is recommended to choose rechargeable toys, which have long battery life and are environmentally friendly. Toys that use batteries are cheaper. You can choose AA or AA batteries. Toys with button batteries are not recommended. They will not last long. It is not easy to buy a suitable button battery when the battery is dead.

5. Is it ergonomic
Many toys are designed to be beautiful, but when used on the body, they are not ergonomic at all, and the stimulation points are not in place or uncomfortable. Observe the shape design before choosing. In addition to being pleasant, it must also conform to the structure of the body, such as whether it can stimulate the clitoris or G-spot.

6. It's important to understand your sexual preferences
Different toys have different stimulation methods. It is important to understand your stimulation preferences. Do you like to use vibrating eggs to rub peas, or use vibrating sticks to penetrate deeper.
Girls with skin allergies should be more cautious when buying sex toys. There are many different materials to choose from. The glass material and medical hard plastic are harder, and the silicone material is relatively soft. The stimulation of different materials can give women a different experience.