How to find a sex toy shop near you ?

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Sex toy shops near you

Have you ever searched for “sex toy shops near me?” The results can be overwhelming and confusing. Using this adult sex toy and gift shop finder, you can find a sex toy store near you that sells what you need. Whether you’re looking for vibrators, a sexy lingerie , condoms or sex dolls , you can find it all here.

What is an adult toy store ?

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Adult sex toy stores, which have names such as sex shops, sex toy stores, sex goods stores, sexual health goods stores,are a store that sells sex toys, erotic underwear, condoms, aphrodisiacs and other goods. Besides,some adult sex stores also sell adult magazines and pornography. Adult sex toy shop is a part of the sex industry.

What can I buy from an adult sex toy shop ?

  • Vibrator

uudoll classic vibrator

Vibrator, sometimes described as a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. There are many different shapes and models of vibrators.

Vibrators can be used for both solo play and partnered play by one or more people.

  • Dildo

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These approximate a penis shape and size, and can be made of plastic, silicone, rubber, vinyl, or latex. Vibrating dildos can be for personal use or by a partner. They may be used for vaginal and anal penetration, as well as for oral penetration.

  • Lingerie
sexy Lingerie

Erotic underwear refers to underwear or clothing to highlight the sexual charm of the flesh and arousing sexual desire. Generally, the effect and freshness are emphasized. Whether it is suitable for daily wear or its durability is not the focus of consideration. Water-soluble underwear, such as candy underwear, is also a kind of erotic underwear.

Sexy underwear is generally made of fabrics or materials with higher transparency, or its wrapping part is less than ordinary bras or panties. Most of them are designed for women, but there is also men's sexy lingerie. Some sexy lingerie will be sold in sex toy stores or specialized stores.

  • Lubricant

lube oil

Relish in the pure bliss of exhilarating sex and reduce discomfort or irritation with long-lasting lube that washes off clean with water and is compatible with latex condoms. Lubricant not only lubricates to keep things going but is also moisturizing to keep things flowing . Water-based lube can help relieve skin irritation, dryness, and discomfort in overall sexual health and solo play.

  • Condom

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Condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, mainly used during sexual intercourse to reduce infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The risk of female pregnancy . Condoms can be divided into two types: female condoms and male condoms.

We recommend you should use condoms when you are enjoying sex ,it can better protect yourself and reduce the risk of STD.

  • Supplement

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Some sex stores sell supplements ,like fertility supplements. Fertility supplements support the production of "fertile quality" cervical mucus.They Promote endometrial secretions to build a healthy uterine lining for implantation and stimulate female arousal and sexual sensitivity .

  • Pocket  pussy

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Pocket pussy is a portable masturbator for men . They are usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone. Cheaper pocket pussies generally use sponge. Under such high pressure in modern society, the pocket pussy is conducive to alleviating male desires. It has a small and exquisite appearance , like a Coke cup, imitating three kinds of sexual channels

  • Sex  doll

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Sex doll is a sex toy, it is a life-size doll, mainly for masturbation, as well as companionship. These dolls not only have a skin-like feel, but also can offer a wide range of options for the look. In most cases, they have metal skeletons and facial features, you can change their expressions as well as their bodily arrangement.

You can get more sexual release through the doll. She will not refuse you any request, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. Usually every sex doll has 3 holes, including mouth, vagina and anus. No matter what posture you like, she can always satisfy you.

How to find a sex toy & adult gift shop near you ?

  • Google map

Google Maps is the fastest and most effective search method. You only need to search for "sex toy shop near me" on Google Maps, and it will automatically display adult toy shops near your location. At the same time, you can also see their information, such as products on sale, customer reviews, business hours, contact information, and so on. You can decide which adult toy store to go to by browsing the store information.

  • ADS

Although sex should not be widely spread, you can still get adult toy stores near your location from some sources.

Some industry magazines will list the specific address information of some sex toy shops. If you find a toy store where you are on it, you might as well go to see if there are any sex toys you need. Also, sometimes TV, radio, or newspapers will also show brand advertisements related to sex toys. You can pay attention to whether its address is near you.

  • Internet

Many local businesses advertise on the Internet. same as sex toy stores . They usually register and display their store information on local customer review sites to attract more customers to come to their shops. For example, find a sex toy store near you on Yelp. Enter "sex toy shop" in the search bar on Yelp's homepage, click the area where you are, and then click search, then some local sex toy shops will appear.

  • Friends Recommend

If you have a sex toy hobby group basing on your location, you need to pay attention to what local sex toy shops are recommended by the group members. They bought toys from them and have used toys before sharing, so you can reduce the risk of buying junk goods.

Online sex toys shop

With the development of Internet commerce, online adult product stores have also begun to appear. There are both independent adult product shopping websites and adult product stores opened on Taobao, eBay and other C2C shopping sites.

In most places, adult product stores are regulated by law, and minors are usually not allowed to enter. Some countries and regions even prohibit adult  stores and their products

Why should I buy my adult toys online ?

  • Convenience

Most people work all day, during standard business hours when sex toy stores are open. This can be a major inconvenience if you need some sex toys, for example. Buying online lets you place your order any time of the day, from almost any location on the planet.

  • Save money

Take a look at the price comparison between an online adult toy store and a local adult toy shop. You will notice that online is almost always cheaper. A lot cheaper. The overhead cost of running an online shop is significantly lower, so they can pass the savings on to you. Just ask any friends, or anybody who buys a lot on Amazon. Don’t get ripped off at a shop.

  • Wider selection

You will find that online shops have a wider selection of brands. Even some adult toys you do not know before .You can choose the most suitable sex toy according to all you need : shape,price ,color ,material,function etc.. Shopping online gives you access to a world of possibilities to achieve the perfect sex toys.

  • Shop smarter

If you ever tried comparing prices in real life, it requires some grunt work. This involves traveling to each location, or making tons of calls, in hopes that somebody picks up the phone. When you buy online, you can eliminate the fuss of comparing prices. It is way easier to get an overview of the best prices available for the products that you’re looking for.

  • Privacy

Sex is the most private thing for everyone. If you are buying sex toys in a physical store, not only need to face the sex toy store owner or other customers, but also you afraid of meeting some acquaintances.

Online shopping perfectly solves this problem. Usually, online shops that sell adult sex toys pay great attention to customer privacy when sending out goods. When you receive the package, you will not see any product information on the outer packaging. If you do not want others to know that you have purchased a sex toy, online shopping is your best choice.

How can I find an online sex toy shop ?

  • Local sex shop 's website

Some local sex toy shops also have an online store to facilitate customers to buy online. Through their online sex toy websites, you can have some ideas of store's discount information and new product information, and you can place an order directly, without having to go to the store and buy it.

  • Google it

If you don’t know any sex toy shop, or you’re not sure whether a toy brand you know is selling products online, you might google it . Enter keywords in the google search bar, such as "online sex toy shop", and some information about sex toy stores will appear. You can click on the online sex store you are interested in and see if there is any product you want to buy.

  • Google map

Unexpectedly, Google Maps will also have online store information. It will provide the specific addresses of some stores based on keywords. These stores will also be displayed if they have a website. You can buy from these  online shops.

  • Coupon site

Many online shops will release store activity information on coupon websites. Sex toy stores are no exception. You can search for keywords on some coupon websites, such as "rabbit vibrator", there will be a lot of store names and information about vibrators.

  • Platforms

Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, etc. are all good choices for buying sex toys online.

  • Blog

Some industry bloggers will recommend sex toy shops that they recommended. You can visit it if there are any brands or products you like.

  • Forums

Forums such as Reddit will have corresponding sections. You can search Reddit sex toy group and see what toys the group members are discussing. If you have questions or want to know where to buy a sex toy, you  also ask about it .

  • Social media

Some Ins, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts will recommend sex toy products that they think them awesome. These products generally have online stores, which are convenient for customers from all over the world to purchase. If you are interested, you can follow them and pay attention to whether having some updates.


By now you must realize the overwhelming advantages to buying online.Online sex toy stores are the best way to buy adult toys without awkward . You can see all sex toys the shop has and choose toys you like ,purchase them at anytime .If you’re new to the whole sex toy thing, we highly recommend starting with a simple sex toy (like a classic vibrator ) on the beginning. It can pleasure you without any hurt ,if you use it on the right way.