Bluetooth Wand Massager
Bluetooth Wand Massager - Rosy
Bluetooth Wand Massager - Rosy
Bluetooth Wand Massager - Rosy
Bluetooth Wand Massager - Rosy
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Bluetooth Wand Massager - Rosy

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Personal Bluetooth Wand Massager

Please use mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code on the package or on the instructions.Then download the Android and IOS installation packages respectively according to the prompts and phone
operating system type.

Bluetooth Connection:Click the icon"Youou" on the phone to enter the operation page.In the meanwhile,please press the button" "to turn on the product.The indicator light is on.

Click "Bluetooth" icon on the phone, follow the prompts to connect the mobile phone and product.The phone will indicate the information that the bluetooth is connected successfully and show
product code information on the right side.

Operation:In power off state,press the button“ ”to turn on it.When the indicating light is always on,please press the button“ ”to vibrate.

In power on state,press the button“ ” to turn off,The indicator Light off.

In power on state,press the button“ ”in sequence to complete the
cyclic switching between different vibration modes.

Please use hot water and antibacterial soap to clean the product.Please make sure that water does not
contact those electronic components such as batteries,motors, PCB and etc..Don’t use cleaners containing alcohol,gasoline,or acetone.Also please don’t use silicone-based lubricants.The cleaning time should be as short as possible because this product could not be soaked too long.

Please don ’ t save it in prolonged sunny position.Please avoid high temperature and lower temperature.
This product should be saved in a dust- free environment and could not put into the fire.

1 year warranty,but the damage caused by human or external forces is not covered by the warranty.

This product should be disposed according to special regulations of European Union or the country it stays.

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